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ByDarryl Howes

CIPD Career Connect event – Wednesday 30th November 2016 – The Essential LinkedIn Profile

Thank you for indicating that you’d like to attend The Essential LinkedIn Profile event.

The session will feature facilitated live access to LinkedIn using on-site desktop PCs at the venue. Please come along with your Linkedin login details (LinkedIn email login and password). We will not be using the Linkedin app on this occasion, as it’s easier to make adjustments on a larger screen.

Please follow these instructions to complete your registration for the event:

  1. Please login to the desktop version of Linkedin using a normal web browser and your LinkedIn email login and password.
  2. Right click this link to open a new browser page.
  3. Scroll down the page and click on the yellow box that says ‘Get your score for free’           Essential LinkedIn Profile
  4. This will take you through to a page like this which will show the four components of the SSI and the overall score (a percentage out of 100):Essential LinkedIn Profile
  5. Take a screenshot of the page to clearly show the four components and your overall SSI score.
  6. Email the screenshot to darryl@strategicbusinessnetworking.co.uk
  7. Please do this as soon as you can to complete your registration for the event.

Thank you!

I’ll explain more about the SSI on the evening and how you can use it to develop your Linkedin presence.

Please come along with your Linkedin login details (LinkedIn email login and password) to hand.

I look forward to seeing you!


ByDarryl Howes

Networking Skills – Communication

Clip image Professional networking business development

Networking and communication skills

In my work, I help professionals develop their networking and career management skills. I’m often asked for the best way to network effectively. This is a huge topic and not easily covered within the scope of a short article. However, there is one area where all networkers can focus in order to improve.

That area is communication.

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ByDarryl Howes

Networking Natter 2: Discussion with Charlie Eyre, Chartered Psychologist and Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute, about his career and background.

social networkingBefore a well-earned holiday break, Student Strategic Business Networking caught up with Charlie Eyre, AFBPS, Chartered Psychologist and Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute. Charlie is currently Senior Associate Consultant with Work Psychology Group, based in Derby.

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ByDarryl Howes

LinkedIn and the changing face of education marketing…

Sally Keane, Head of Sales UK & International at LinkedIn, recently commented on how empowered students have changed Education Marketing:

“A decade ago, higher education marketing was a fairly simple exercise in awareness-building. If enough prospective students knew about your institution and had positive perceptions of it, then you could be confident that they would get in touch – most likely to ask you what courses were available, and get your advice on their next steps. As everyone working in the sector knows, a lot has changed since then.

It’s become increasingly difficult to convert prospective students into students enrolled on your courses. But new research from LinkedIn shows that education marketers can gain a huge advantage from a deeper understanding of what motivates people to learn.

The challenges that education marketers face have a wide range of causes: the global economic downturn, which puts pressure both on marketing budgets and students’ own funding; advances in online learning that have created new forms of competition. But arguably the greatest change is amongst students themselves – and the way they go about deciding which Masters or MBA course is right for them.

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ByDarryl Howes

Q and A session for City University – and general advice on networking

As I think you know, one of my passions is people networking skills and how these can be developed. I feel that anyone can improve their networking skills through the application of simple, easy to learn techniques, whatever their beliefs, types or traits.

Networking should not be underestimated. It has applications in career management, finding mentors and, of course, business development and client relationship management.

Here are some of the questions that I find are focussing the minds of those contemplating face-to-face networking for the first time or looking to develop their skills further after a networking ‘gap’.

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ByDarryl Howes

What’s the difference between university and real life?

Before I invoke the wrath of the academic community, please let me explain. I’m not about to go off on the old hobby horse about ivory towers and dreaming spires. Believe me.

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ByDarryl Howes

How to complete the Summary Section on LinkedIn – Jobseekers and Career Changers

LinkedIn Profile Summary NetworkingThe Summary Section is pretty important…

It’s an opportunity to get across the essence of you, your humanity and also your value-add, to anyone who might be interested in hiring you.

From this point of view it represents PRIME REAL ESTATE…

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