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ByDarryl Howes

Networking Skills – Communication

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Networking and communication skills

In my work, I help professionals develop their networking and career management skills. I’m often asked for the best way to network effectively. This is a huge topic and not easily covered within the scope of a short article. However, there is one area where all networkers can focus in order to improve.

That area is communication.

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ByDarryl Howes

Q and A session for City University – and general advice on networking

As I think you know, one of my passions is people networking skills and how these can be developed. I feel that anyone can improve their networking skills through the application of simple, easy to learn techniques, whatever their beliefs, types or traits.

Networking should not be underestimated. It has applications in career management, finding mentors and, of course, business development and client relationship management.

Here are some of the questions that I find are focussing the minds of those contemplating face-to-face networking for the first time or looking to develop their skills further after a networking ‘gap’.

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ByDarryl Howes

How to complete the Summary Section on LinkedIn – Jobseekers and Career Changers

LinkedIn Profile Summary NetworkingThe Summary Section is pretty important…

It’s an opportunity to get across the essence of you, your humanity and also your value-add, to anyone who might be interested in hiring you.

From this point of view it represents PRIME REAL ESTATE…

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