Strategic Business Networking ®

Strategic Business NetworkingMost basic networking falls under two definitions. Firstly, ‘Operational’ as in those relationships required to get the job done. Secondly ‘Personal’, for example, to provide a source of bespoke coaching or mentoring.

The key, however, is Strategic Business Networking ®, as only this plugs the Networker into the power to achieve both individual and organisational goals (Ibarra and Hunter, 2007).

We are organisational psychologists who have spent over 10 years studying the rules, values and expectations of human interaction.

We offer both 121 and group coaching for entrepreneurs, sales teams, not for profit organisations or anyone or any group who want to learn to connect better with people and organisations.

If you represent a professional membership body, we can work with you to develop content, media and engagement strategies to really enthuse and delight your membership. Our satisfied clients include The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, The London Institute of Banking and Finance and The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.

In short, we believe that anyone can improve their face-to-face or online business networking skills. They just need help in applying the simple, easy to learn techniques of Strategic Business Networking ®.

Client feedback:

“It was a very interesting evening. I found out so many good things and it was very helpful. Thank you very much indeed.”

“Many thanks for last evening’s session, I found it very useful. Judging by the high attendance and the big round of applause you received after the session, I am sure I was not the only one who truly enjoyed the event!”

For further details of our Strategic Business Networking ® approach, please see this article published in People Management; the UK’s number one HR publication with a circulation of over 130,000 and the official magazine of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.