Professional membership engagement

My name is Darryl Howes. I help people and organisations to connect better with business partners through Strategic Business Networking ®. I also specialise in Professional Membership engagement.

I’m an organisational and social psychologist who has spent over 10 years studying the rules and social norms of human interaction. I offer both 121 and group coaching for entrepreneurs, sales teams, job seekers, not for profit organisations etc. Put simply, this is anyone or any group who want to learn to connect better.

I believe that anyone can improve their face-to-face or online business networking skills through the application of simple, easy to learn practices. I employ the very best techniques developed from business psychology, behavioural science and the study of ethical influence and persuasion.

Strategic Business Networking ® has many applications. For example, are you;

  • A Membership Development Manager, looking to develop your Professional Membership engagement in new and exciting ways?
  • A business owner. You want to grow your sales revenue, but don’t know how to make those game-changing contacts with new top-level clients?
  • A young professional, who is struggling to have your voice heard?
  • A student, who wants to gain entry to your dream job and career?
  • An executive, who is looking to take the next important step up the corporate ladder?
Strategic Business Networking

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What can we do for you?

DDNS Consulting also provides a full range of Learning & Development and related services. Call us for further details of the following:

  • Professional Membership engagement. Cost effective virtual and on-demand L&D through webinars and podcasts.
  • In-depth knowledge and experience of the training cycle: diagnostics; programme design; delivery; evaluation. We specialise in bespoke training for Financial Services clients.
  • Face-to-face learning delivery and group facilitation at graduate and management level (including new joiner on-boarding).
  • Technical and educational instructional design. Practical application of how learning, memory and cognition works. Making learning ‘stick’.
  • Helping schools, colleges and universities develop employability programmes.
  • LinkedIn profile writing that is optimised for search efficiency. Don’t find a job – let recruiters find you!

Institute of Directors – Leadership piece: The question is often asked of successful leaders and entrepreneurs. But in an age where the value of business relationships has never been higher, we ask if good networkers are born or made?

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