Networking Nightmares ®

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Networking Nightmares ® ?

Our journey started with a not for profit resource designed to help students and young job seekers. We gave it the moniker ‘Networking Nightmares’ because, for most young people, the thought of attending a traditional face-to-face networking event is just that.

It’s always particularly heartwarming to hear from those who have sought our advice and guidance:

“It’s rare to come across versatile talent like Darryl and I’m glad that I had an opportunity to be coached by him. Darryl has been a great motivation through his positive psychology approach. He increased my confidence and helped me identify the areas for improvement in order to progress with my career.”

“Darryl provided me with extremely insightful and valuable advice on future career prospects and the importance of networking. I strongly believe that Darryl’s advice helped me to get a job in an area that I am extremely passionate about. For this I am extremely grateful. I would recommend him thoroughly to anybody.”

We’re currently developing and enhancing the format, but you can stay tuned by following @NetNightmares on Twitter. Just click the logo.

Meantime, we continue to provide people networking advice to win the job and career you love. It’s our pleasure to solve employability problems and help grow your mojo.

Call us today whether you are a student, job seeker or a specialist connected with the career profession.