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LinkedIn questions. What you need to know.

LinkedInIn the workshops that I run, we often have some fantastic questions come up from professionals looking to develop their LinkedIn presence and stand out in the eyes of recruiters and hiring managers.

The workshop session earlier this month was a great example and many thanks to all who asked for advice. Here’s a quick selection:




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Middle Management Leadership – Resolving Conflict Around the Board Table

Middle Management Leadership - Resolving Conflict Around the Board Table

Middle Management Leadership – Resolving Conflict Around the Board Table

You’ve worked long hours, grafted hard and cultivated those precious C-suite relationships to gain your coveted middle management leadership position. You’ve received your reward for all that ‘emotional labour’ – welcome to middle management!

But your professional career now enters a whole different dimension. You have a closer line to those with executive power, but are equally vulnerable if you fail to deliver. Accountability rules.

So how can you foster continued success, build upon existing personal relationships and gain credit for initiatives that are truly transformational?

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Networking: Don’t think ‘Weak Ties’, think ‘Dormant Ties’

networking weak ties“There’s a third kind of contact. This combines the new information that weak ties provide with the trust, comfort, and familiarity of a strong tie. It’s called a dormant tie.” As @AdamMGrant explains in this article

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Networking Skills – Communication

Clip image Professional networking business development

Networking and communication skills

In my work, I help professionals develop their networking and career management skills. I’m often asked for the best way to network effectively. This is a huge topic and not easily covered within the scope of a short article. However, there is one area where all networkers can focus in order to improve.

That area is communication.

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Professional Careers and Crazy Paving

Crazy paving professional careers

Crazy paving

As the future of professional careers receives unprecedented attention, the writer Ronan Krznaric refers to one of the great questions of the modern workplace.

This is whether we should aspire to be specialists, channeling our talents toward a single profession. Or whether we should aim to be generalists who develop across a broad range of disciplines. In other words, should we be high achievers or should we be wide achievers?

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Networking Natter 2: Discussion with Charlie Eyre, Chartered Psychologist and Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute, about his career and background.

social networkingBefore a well-earned holiday break, Student Strategic Business Networking caught up with Charlie Eyre, AFBPS, Chartered Psychologist and Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute. Charlie is currently Senior Associate Consultant with Work Psychology Group, based in Derby.

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Networking Natter 1: We speak with Binna Kandola OBE, Senior Partner and co-founder of Pearn Kandola about networking…

Binna KandolaJust before his appearance at Sheffield University’s Institute of Work Psychology (IWP) ‘Life After Your MSc’ event, we contacted Binna Kandola, OBE.

DLH: Hi Binna. Firstly, thank you for lending your support to our programme.

You are the co-founder and Senior Partner of the business psychology firm Pearn Kandola. The firm is extremely well known in the fields of Assessment, Development and Diversity.

I wondered if you had any advice for our Group members on how best to network and develop one’s career?

BK: I would say three things…

First, there are different ways of networking and connecting with people. Make sure you find a way that’s suited to the way you work.

Second, the most effective networks and relations are based on trust and that takes more time and effort than just meeting people at an event of some kind.

And third you can’t ignore it – networking is linked to success, so find a way to do it.

I hope that’s useful. Good luck and best wishes.


ByDarryl Howes

I couldn’t have put it better…

Clive Shepherd’s blog last month says it all…

“People do not go home to engage with instructional e-learning programmes, they want how-to-videos, animated explainers, thriving communities of practice, thought-provoking podcasts, blog posts and interviews, gamified apps that encourage spaced practice, compelling dramas, challenging quizzes and the rest.

I reckon any learning professional would want to get behind media like these, blended intelligently with activities such as coaching, practical workshops and action learning. The future is not single-hit e-learning any more than it is single-hit classroom. The future is already with us – we just need to bring it to work.”